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Your tastes, number of passengers, budget, and destination are factors that can affect when deciding on the right vehicle. That’s why we have a range of cars, including European models that can meet your needs no matter the occasion is.

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    Airport Car Service Seattle

    The International Airport situated in Seattle is high up on the list of very busy airports on this country’s west coast and the country at large. The reason for this is not far-fetched as many commercial activities play out in the Emerald city.

    Other than this, Seattle offers quite a lot in terms of sights and sounds. As a result, it is commonplace to have the airport busy and the demand for Airport Transportation in Seattle is usually on the rise. For this reason, you should plan way ahead by booking an airport shuttle service. People who rely on what is on the ground have a hard time sorting out transportation or even having a nice ride.

    It is for reasons like this that companies like ours exist. We are out here to make sure your shuttle to and from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is smooth and eventful. You deserve no less than this and so you should make the most of our luxury by necessary services.

  • Our Airport Transportation Seattle Services


    At PS Limo services, we are committed to making sure our customers have the time of their lives dealing with us. We constantly put measures in place to make sure of this and this includes providing the best kinds of vehicles for airport shuttle purposes. Speaking of having the best kind of vehicles available for airport transportation Seattle, our fleets include the following:

    Luxury SUVs

    Currently, there are no less than 4 kinds of amazing vehicles that you can select from our range of luxury SUVs. These are:

    • Chevrolet Suburban
    • Tesla Model X
    • GMC Yukon Denali XL
    • Cadillac Escalade

    Coupled with the fact that we have the right hands and minds trained and happy to move you to your various destinations to and from the airport, you are guaranteed a nice time. So, you should seize this opportunity by contacting us today.

    Private Car Service

    If you thought you are spoiled with options with our luxury SUV vehicles, then you are in for a bigger surprise. This is because you have more options if you move around using our luxury sedans. Some of the Luxury sedan options you can consider with us include:

    • Mercedes s550
    • XTS or Cadillac CT6
    • Lincoln MKT Town Car
    • Tesla Model S
    • Chrysler C300
    • Maserati Quattroporte
    • Lexus LS
    • Genesis G90
    • Rolls Royce Ghost
    • Hyundai Equus

    You can see how your options are not limited should you decide to move to and from the airport using our shuttle service. Call us today to enjoy any of our Luxury sedan shuttle services.

    Stretch Limousines

    With any of our luxury stretch limo vehicles, you will be able to feel like royalty. Every bit of what we offer with this ride will get you feeling this way. You just have to choose the kind of stretch limo you want and we would show up and help you have the time of your life en route to the airport. This could also be while journeying from the airport. We have a variety of Seattle airport limos, some of the stretch limo vehicles available with us include:

    • Chrysler C300
    • Hummer H2
    • Lincoln Town Car
    • Cadillac Escalade
    • Lincoln Navigator

    Other than the express luxury that you get riding with these vehicles of ours, another advantage is the number of passengers that can be transported. Here, we are talking of as many as 8 – 28 passengers. If you have to move this number of people to and/or from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, using our stretch limo service would even end up being cost-effective.

    Airport Private Shuttles

    You also get lots of benefits when you move around with our executive vans. This is because of the space and convenient features at large. Should you decide to go for our executive vans as your airport limos in Seattle shuttle service, some of the amazing vehicles we have on the ground for this purpose include:

    • Ford Van
    • Mercedes Sprinter Business Class
    • Mercedes Sprinter Vans

    Executive Mini Coaches

    If you want all the space and convenience that you can get, then you should consider booking a shuttle using any of our executive mini-coaches. These executive and luxurious moving machines can carry as many as 29 passengers conveniently.

    Party Bus

    As the tag “party” suggests, you are set to have the time of your life riding on any of our party buses. There is so much room for as many as your family, friends, colleagues… that want to have so much fun moving to or from the airport.

    Super Coaches

    If you need to move as many as 56 passengers at a go, then any of our super coaches would serve you just right. Other than being able to move so many people all at once, you get a super experience with our super coaches. So, book a reservation today so that we can make it worth your time and money.

  • Why Choose our PS Limo Service


    We at PS Limo service are not newcomers in the business of offering airport limo service Seattle to clients. We are a household name as far as many are concerned. With well over 15 years in this business, we have mastered the art of rendering top-notch airport shuttle services to our ever esteemed customers.

    We Spoil You with Amazing Options

    In our bid to meet your airport shuttle needs, we have a wide range of vehicles that you can choose from to have the best experience with us. We are talking of amazing vehicle options under the category of luxury – SUVs, Sedans, Executive Vans, Super Coaches, Executive Mini Coaches, Party Buses, and stretch limos.

    What you would realize is that there are very few of our competitors that measure up to our standard in this regard. So, make your move to and from the airport count by reaching out to us today.

    A Team Committed to Customer's Satisfaction

    Other than having the very best vehicles available, we are known for engaging the services of the right hands and minds. For instance, our chauffeurs are on the same page with us as regards doing all reasonably possible to please clients. They show up on time and act professionally at all times. But beyond our chauffeurs, every member of our team here at PS Limo is out to meet our customer’s needs. You will get a carefree, affordable ride with the right airport limo service.

    Insured Vehicles

    We are too certain about how competent our chauffeurs are. This is considering how stringent the hiring, training, and retraining processes are. But be that as it may, we leave no stone untouched in representing the best interest of our clients. This is why every one of our vehicles is well insured.

    PS Limo is an airport service provider that has a history of putting its customers first. This is the caliber of service providers that makes life easier for clients and this is why you should contact us at PS Limo Service. This is one of the many reasons we are at the top when searching for airport limo Seattle.

    Happy Clients

    It is not unusual to see our customers all over settle and the environ demand for our services over and over again. The reason for this is not hard to fathom. It is because we offer premium services that only we can offer. The taste of the pudding is in the eating so you should try us out today.

    One of the ways we make our customers as happy as they deserve to be is by offering incentives often. It is not unusual to see us come up with promotional offers. This is especially given how we offer lots of corporate discounts on services.

    Booking Reservation Is Easy

    As one planning or hoping to use our airport shuttle service, you should know that the process is not difficult. This is especially thanks to the possibility of reaching us via our online channel. You just have to fill out our passenger information form.

    This form would require that you leave your name, valid phone number, and mail address. Other than these details, you would need to enter some other details. Such information includes the intended pickup date and time, desired vehicle type, Number of luggage, number of passengers, point of pick up, and destination.

    Some details have to be left for financial transactions to occur between you and our company. Such details include Promo Code, Zip Code, name on your credit card, your credit card number, the expiry date of the credit card, and the CVV number.

    Knowledge of the Routes

    We make sure that our chauffeurs are aware of most or all of the Seattle routes. Their knowledge of all the available routes often comes in handy. This is especially when there is a gridlock in areas that you should normally pass through. As a result, you can get to your destination as soon as possible. We are out here to make your movement from one point to the other as seamless and exciting as possible.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I Be Reminded Before Picking Me Up?

    We can remind you of your booked trip before picking you up. We even allow you to decide if you want to be reminded 30 minutes before your pickup time. If you choose to be reminded, we would not fail to do this so that you are prepared ahead of the trip.

    What is the Maximum Number of Passengers that Can be Transported with Your Service?

    The maximum number of passengers that can be transported using our service depends on the vehicle and service plan you have opted for. However, you should know that you can carry the maximum amount of 56 passengers using our super coaches. So, this is the best kind of vehicle for clients that need to transport a large number of people at a time. Not a lot of people require a super coach when looking for limo service Seattle airport.

    What Is PS Limo’s Policy on Time Reservation?

    As one of the highly sought airport shuttle service providers, we are often engaged. However, we have time to meet your shuttle needs. This is as long as you have made reservations 12 hours before the pickup time. Anyone that books 12 hours ahead of the pickup time is considered to have booked timely as far as our company’s policy is concerned.

    When the notice is short, the possibility of showing up to meet your shuttle needs cannot be guaranteed. So, you should try as much as possible to reach out at least 12 hours before the pickup time. When you do this, we would reply with an email confirming your booking and every other thing can be set in motion.

    What Should I do if I do not see PS Limo’s Driver on Time?

    The chances of this happening are very slim as our drivers are professionals and understand the need to show up on time. But if this happens, you should please call the dispatch office line. You can reach them via (206) 396-9767. One of the things that would be requested is the confirmation number and the needful will be done. The dispatch team should also be made aware when you get to your destination.

    Can PS Limo Service Bill me for No-Show?

    You can be billed for not showing up to the point of pickup. But before this happens, the driver will be patient for a while. This is usually between 15 – 30 minutes depending on the location. Even afterward, the driver will contact the dispatch team to reach out to you, and then you will be billed a no-show if you do not respond.

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